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My CV - I am currently looking for work

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Emulator - Emulated CPU and assembly language, with a homemade instruction set. (Pure Javascript)

Screen shot of Emulator

You can code in the assembly language given, and see it translated into machine code and executed.

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Legendary Lava Escape (C#, XNA)

Screen shot of Legendary Lava Escape

A Ludum Dare game, implemented in C# with XNA. Find the keys, and exit the complex before the lava rises to engulf you.

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Pastebin - A pastebin, implemented (C#,

Screen shot of Pastebin

An experiment with Microsoft's Azure.

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Minimalist 3D Art Gallery (HTML5, Three.js)

Screen shot of Minimalist Art Gallery

Another Ludum Dare game, bult in 48 hours. Uses three.js to produce a 3d hunting simulator. Due to recent legislation, the only weapon now authorised for hunting minimalist animals is the potato gun.

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Top Down Zombie Game (HTML5 Canvas)

Preview of Zombie Game

A game I created to develop some efficient tile mapping, scene navigation, and a weapon system with recoil and accuracy modelling. Now on hold until I develop the multiplayer code.

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Crab Game - Multiplayer (HTML5 Canvas, node.js)

Screen shot of the Crab game

A game I am currently developing, I've decided to start learning to use node.js to create multiplayer games. Tech developed here will be integrated into the Zombie game.

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Secret Santa (HTML5 Canvas)

Screen shot of Secret Santa

A game created in 2 hours. Around christmas time one of the developers at work had an idea - rather than giving somebody in the office a cheap gift, why not spend 2 hours making a small video game? Developer Secret Santa was born. Kill as many flamethrower guys as possible before they melt you.

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Buggy Game (HTML5 Canvas)

Screen shot of the Buggy Game

A game I created for Ludum Dare - my first ever RTS game, and the first thing I ever did with Canvas. Its main features are the sheer number of bugs.

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